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Is your land fulfilling its' financial potential?


As a land or property owner you will no doubt appreciate that you already possess a valuable asset, however, are you aware of all the development opportunities available to you? Heather & Lay have a dedicated team of professional and enthusiastic negotiators who have been successfully selling land across the Falmouth and Penryn area since 1987.



If you have already applied for planning consent with a view to selling, did you know that there are many profitable options open to you that are often overlooked?


We are specialists in providing land owners like you with unrivalled insight and intelligence and can help you navigate the many pitfalls of assessing a valued site. In addition, we have the experience and expertise of dealing with a range of local, regional and national house builders. 


If you are thinking of selling, we can help introduce you to trusted property buyers and local experts.


What types of sites are of interest?


Currently many shapes and sizes of land are in demand – from uniquely shaped parcels that often suit bespoke properties in densely populated areas, to large open plots more suited to mixed use developments. Gardens, office buildings and commercial properties are also desirable.


Brownfield, Greenfield and Strategic Land all have potential for any number of prospective uses – from residential housing and care homes through to retirement developments and affordable housing.



We are sensitive to the needs of those thinking of selling land in close proximity to their homes and neighbours. We will work in partnership with you, carry out community consultations when necessary and clearly explain the process to help you achieve the level of planning consent you require to secure a sale.



We are adept at adding value for our clients at any stage of the process


Submitted planning?                                  

            Awaiting a decision?

                           Refused or Consented? 

​                                                 We can help



Speak to your leading, local experts and let's unlock your land potential!


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The Planning Process


There is no doubt that the various stages of the planning process can be complex and difficult to navigate - especially for those getting involved for the first time. Similarly, working to given timescales is an important consideration. The following flow chart simplifies the process, and it is worth pointing out that you should familiarise yourself with the credentials of the experts you will work with at each stage. 




What part does planning play?



Land tends to be offered for sale in one of three ways:

1.     With planning consent

​2.     Without planning consent

3.     Subject to planning consent

When a piece of land is sold subject to planning, the interested buyer will agree to buy the site and exchange contracts as long as they are able to secure the planning consent they need to develop on the land. (This agreement will be covered by what is known as either an option or conditional contract).


It becomes the buyer’s responsibility to submit the planning application at their own cost and when - or crucially, if - the planning consent is granted, the sale will be completed. While selling a site in this manner has risks and can be a lengthy process, it is by no means insurmountable.


When it comes to negotiating a conditional contract, we can help developers and purchasers submit the most appropriate planning application for their needs and budget. Our extensive knowledge of the land and property development industry and the parties involved, enables us to offer unrivalled insight and advice. 


If you own a property or piece of land that may have potential, we can help you navigate the planning system and negotiate with possible partners such as house builders and developers. In addition, we can offer invaluable advice and insight that will help you maximise its value.


      The Heather & Lay way…    


We advise land owners on the disposal of land with or without planning consent and are often able to suggest improvements to existing plans which may boost a site's value and saleability.


      It is worth noting that bigger is not always better; our understanding of current market demands can make a big difference to your site's final asking price.    


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